Yes, sneaker-head culture is real - now there is a Netflix movie about it!

Do you enjoy collecting, trading, and appreciating sneakers? You might be a sneaker-head!

Embracing sneaker-head culture

Sneaker-head culture combines the diehard love for sneakers and the desire to collect niche items by pursuing this intriguing hobby. Sneaker-heads will typically be well-versed in sharing information about sneaker history, the value of a pair of sneakers, and the current sneaker market situation. Go ahead and present a sneaker-head with a pair of sneakers, and they will tell you where they were made, their worth, and how interested they are in buying them from you! Not everyone can be a sneaker-head. This hobby takes commitment and an unfaltering admiration for sneakers (mostly limited edition ones)!

Sneakerheads from Netflix
Netflix explores sneaker-head culture through a lighthearted and friendly comedy series called 'Sneakerheads'. This series unpacks the temptation and thrill that comes from being a sneaker-head. It captures what it means to be a sneaker-head in the urban setting of the fast-paced city of Los Angeles! The series follows our protagonist Dennis, a former sneakerhead and stay-at-home dad who finds himself in a financial crisis after falling for Bobby's schemes. In an attempt to stand on his feet again and win his money back, Dennis revisits his sneakers' fascination by becoming a sneakerhead again. The show follows him as he hunts for the most exclusive, sentimental, and valuable kicks in the game!

The series highlights how obtaining the most desirable pair of sneakers is not where the journey ends, because new doors (or rather, shoeboxes) open with each hunt! With one pair of sneakers down, your list will have another one that needs to be tucked in your closet. The show captures the reality of being a sneaker-head. Even today, there are professional sneaker collectors that can be found around the world. The Shoe Surgeon is an Instagram user who buys, sells, and delivers sneakers. He is not a casual hobbyist like most people, but a true ‘sneaker-head’. He teaches about the history of sneakers, how they are created, and analyzes the existing sneaker market.

Protecting your sneakers
As any sneaker-head will tell you, your sneakers are as valuable as their current condition. As a sneaker-head, your top priority will be to ensure that your sneakers are in good condition if you want them to maintain their value. Shoe covers help you do that! They are a disposable piece of garment that can be slipped on your shoes to prevent them from collecting dust or getting dirty.


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