Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are you shoe covers made from? 100% Virgin Polypropylene
  2. Are your shoe covers biodegradable? Currently, our shoe covers are 100% recyclable but not biodegradable. We are doing some R&D on biodegradable shoe covers to become a more eco-friendly PPE company. There are challenges in this but we believe that this is better for the world we live in for the long term.
  3. Are these clean room safe? Yes, our shoe covers are utilized in hospitals and labs throughout the country. They are manufactured in a FDA approved facility. 
  4. Are the shoe covers 100% water proof? Our shoe covers are water-resistant using AATCC 127 Test Method. This is the same testing method used for PPE suitable for NIOSH Masks and other essential PPE. Learn More
  5. Is polypropylene sustainable? Polypropylene consumes the least amount of energy during production and produces the lowest carbon dioxide emissions when compared to other plastics. Its lower density also means that switching to PP reduces the absolute amount of waste. Learn More
  6. Where are the shoe covers made? We work with a global supply chain of partners throughout the world. Most of our shoe covers are manufactured in China. However, as we have seen with the current COVID-19 pandemic that we must be able to support ourselves here locally in America. We are working very hard to transition to Made in USA very soon. This of course comes with certain challenges and expectations but we believe that this will not only produce jobs in America but also reduce risk of dependency on the fragile global supply chain.
  7. What other testing is done on the shoe covers? We perform tensile strength testing on our shoe covers by using ASTM D5034-09 testing method. This is also known as the "Grab Test". This test basically tells us that are shoe covers are strong and durable which should last you for most normal uses. Learn More
  8. Can we purchase in bulk for reselling or for our business? Yes! We would love to work with your business to help you grow. Please fill out our Wholesale Application. If you have any further questions about this, please reach out to our team at Our goal is work together with you to truly add value to your business. 

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