We were inspired by you, our customers.

You told us what you like and don't like about shoe covers, and we were inspired to make a better product.

We knew we needed to create something that was light, breathable and easy to slip on yet durable enough to last all day. We knew we had to build a shoe cover without chemical smells and one that wouldn't tear easily. It took some time but through developmental efforts, multiple prototypes, lab tests, and rigorous real-world testing, we finally created the perfect shoe cover.

The end result is a shoe cover that's truly designed for you—it's a heavy-duty, non-slip, non-skid shoe cover with practical use in mind. The shoe covers provide an effective barrier to protect your shoes, your floors, your carpets, your vehicles and your sterile environments. And that's how Blue Shoe Guys was born!

Thank you very much for all of your support.



We are a small family business that has put time and effort to make Blue Shoe Guys a trusted global brand of disposable boot & shoe covers. We can confidently say, from our personal dedication to quality, that we provide the best shoe covers in the business.

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