After trying various brands and styles of shoe covers, we wanted to find a shoe cover that was snug, shielding, effective, and easy to slip on but durable for a full-days worth of hard work. We searched but could not find anything that could get us through an entire day. We found shoe covers that tore and some even had pungent odors.

And that's how BLUE SHOE GUYS was born! Our product is engineered and manufactured with practical and aesthetic use in mind. It has a non-slip, non-skid tread pattern with a seam on the bottom to help you safely walk on multiple types of floors. We don’t want you to slip and fall! The shoe covers provide an effective barrier to protect your shoes, your floors, your carpets, and your sterile environments.


We put time and effort to make Blue Shoe Guys a trusted global brand of disposable boot & shoe covers. We can confidently say, from our personal dedication to quality, that we provide the best shoe covers in the business.

At BLUE SHOE GUYS, we strive to provide you with a fulfilling customer experience. With us, you can buy with full confidence in a superior product!