A small family business that has earned a reputation - through quality and consistency - as the trusted global brand for personal protective gear. From our personal dedication to getting it right, we have become the most highly-reviewed brand for disposable shoe covers. Our goal is to deliver innovative products designed for every context.


THE PROBLEM. PROTECTIVE GEAR IS ESSENTIAL... Shoe covers and face masks are essential for numerous professions – medical, research, real estate, home renovation, oil and gas – but in the COVID-19 era, shoe covers and face masks are essential for everyone. The CDC prescribed face masks as a first line of defense and identified unprotected shoes as a source of coronavirus transmission. Protective gear is a must for every family.


...AND YET, EXISTING GEAR WAS PROBLEMATIC. When we analyzed the market in 2016, we realized the ideal shoe cover simply didn’t exist. Some shoe covers were made of cheap plastic, while others tore easily. Many shoe covers didn’t fit over workmen's boots, while quality shoe covers were exorbitantly priced. In the COVID-19 era, the surge of face masks in the marketplace exhibited the same problems: over- priced and ineffective.


Tear Easily. Don't Fit. Cheap Plastic.


IT TOOK SOME TIME BUT THROUGH DEVELOPMENTAL EFFORTS, MULTIPLE PROTOTYPES, LAB TESTS, AND RIGOROUS REAL- WORLD TESTING, WE FINALLY CREATED THE PERFECT SHOE COVER. WE WERE INSPIRED BY OUR CUSTOMERS... We listened to what buyers loved and hated about shoe covers, and we were inspired to make a better product. With a background in industrial engineering and healthcare management, we knew we had to create a shoe cover which would meet the needs of everyday people as well professionals from a wide range of industries. We needed to create something light yet durable, breathable yet water- resistant, and easy to slip on yet secure enough to stay on. So that’s what we did. Harnessing creative design thinking and lean engineering, we built a shoe cover that was sturdy, flexible, without chemical smells and resistant to tearing.
The end result is a shoe cover that's truly designed for everyone—it's a heavy-duty, water-resistant, non-skid shoe cover with practical use in mind. Our shoe covers provide the ultimate barrier to protect your shoes and your environment from dirt and germs. And that's how Blue Shoe Guys was born! Since then we’ve expanded our product offerings to include numerous protective gear, including face masks, gloves, isolation gowns, and reusable shoe covers.



We are a small family business that has put time and effort to make Blue Shoe Guys a trusted global brand of disposable boot & shoe covers. We can confidently say, from our personal dedication to quality, that we provide the best shoe covers in the business. 

Thank you very much for all of your support.

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