We don’t just say water-resistant – we test!

Disposable shoe covers that are water resistant help protect your shoes from spills, excess moisture, and water mixtures from damaging your shoes. At Blue Shoe Guys, we do not just claim water resistance for our disposable shoe covers, we go to lengths to test them! Our water resistance claims are backed by rigorous experimentation and empirical results because we want you to take advantage of the optimal Blue Shoe Guys shoe covers experience! Whether you find yourself walking around in wet locations or are a generally clean person who wants to keep their shoes dry, you will appreciate our water resistant disposable shoe covers. 

What is the hydrostatic pressure test?

You can measure the water resistance of a material such as a fabric by observing and recording the penetration of water under hydrostatic pressure. We use the hydrostatic pressure test to determine the water repellency of fibers. The way it works is that the material of the disposable shoe cover is subjected to hydrostatic pressure and the pressure is increased at a constant rate until three leakage spots appear on the surface. How long it takes for the spots to appear (for a certain sample size) determines where the material falls on the water resistance spectrum. At Blue Shoe Guys, our disposable shoe cover material needs to pass a certain level of water resistance before they are in the clear and suitable for usage.

The results for water resistance tests

Our shoe covers are 100% homopolymer polypropylene that is non-toxic, PVC-free, and Phthalate-free. Additionally, we also do not use any form of latex or lead in the making of our covers, because they have been associated with hazardous outcomes. Upon testing, it was discovered that our shoe cover fibers do not expand and create gaps to hold water molecules. We used several samples in the testing process to ensure our results are qualified and reasonably conclusive. Additionally, the fabric does not rupture when exposed to high quantities of hydrostatic water pressure which make it suitable enough to be deemed water resistant. 


If you find yourself leaving the house frequently to work in wet locations or handle liquids at your job, then you will appreciate how our authentically water resistant disposable shoe covers can make your job easier.

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