The New Normal - Meet With Caution

The world has not produced a vaccine for the coronavirus yet, but several promising vaccine samples are currently in the testing stage according to However, the pandemic has gone on for long enough and the world can no longer afford to stand still. As fall approaches and we inch closer to the end of 2020, we must adjust to the ‘new normal’ where we are cautious about the present and hopeful about the future as things slowly return to normal. 

Does this mean we throw caution to the wind? Absolutely not!

Adjusting to the new normal

According to Seattle Times and researchers from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, we could find ourselves in another lockdown situation if there is a second wave of the coronavirus. Both the economy and the health sector would suffer more than they can endure. It is uncertain how that would translate for other social fabric aspects such as the housing crisis, mortality rates, and educational practices. For now, it is safest to meet in small groups to resume important worldly activities that demand our attention. It is preferred that meetings take place outdoors where there is much air and ventilation.

Normalize wearing disposable shoe covers
If you are spending a lot of time indoors and outdoors, you need to take adequate precautions to ensure that you do not transport the coronavirus from one location to another. It is currently unknown how the virus behaves, but its survival on surfaces ranges from 2 hours to 9 days. You need to wear standard protective gear that includes disposable shoe covers for your shoes! These slip onto your shoes like socks or gloves, except they go on top of the shoes you are wearing. You will to worry less about carrying contaminants if you are confident that you are wearing the necessary protective gear.

Even generally, now is not the time to get sick! A compromised immune system (even if it is due to other reasons) while we are in the middle of a pandemic is similar to testing fate. You do not want to get sick or fall ill for any reason. Our disposable shoe covers add to your safety mechanism to minimize the likelihood of your shoes and feet spreading pollutants and contaminants. 

You will feel at peace, knowing that you are doing everything in your ability to take care of yourself at work and home!

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