Why shoe covers are a must for realtors


Buying or selling a home - get shoe covers for your customers and clients

If you are a realtor or a real estate agent, your job requires you to step into a lot of new properties. Whether showing properties to your clients or checking out new sites yourself, you are always on the go (and racking up a serious step count!). Some places you walk into are neat and tidy, while others are on the other end of the neatness spectrum. It's essential that, while doing your job, you also take care of yourself. During these precarious days of a pandemic, it’s more important than ever to take the appropriate precautions. Your work requires you to be on the front lines; our shoe covers can help you stay safe while still doing your job.

One study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that the COVID-19 virus was carried on the soles of shoes. Not only would you not want to transfer COVID-19 between the different properties you visit, but you also don’t want to take it home yourself. Social distancing and face masks significantly reduce the risk of COVID-19, but the real estate profession presents its own unique risks. Even if you spend many days hosting virtual showings, you still spend time touring new properties that belong to strangers. Every precaution is worth taking for the sake of your and your clients’ health.  


Disposable Shoe Covers for Realtors make the best companion during COVID-19

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down, and with no end in sight, it's the new reality that every professional must work through. Sitting at home and waiting for the virus to conclude is not the approach of the creative and proactive. Instead, you can feel safe knowing you’ve taken every precaution by adopting shoe covers to your “must-do” list.

Shoe covers are more important than ever

Realtors and real estate companies are in the business of buying, selling, and checking out new properties all the time. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, using shoe covers while showing properties demonstrated to your clients that you respected and cared for the cleanliness and preservation of their property. Now, with COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to show your clients you value them and their health by wearing shoe covers to reduce contamination risks.

Protective shoe covers give professional realtors an edge over their competition. No matter what or where the property is, shoe covers:

  1. Significantly reduce the risk of transferring pathogens between people and properties
  2. Keep the client’s property safe from dirt, grime, and dust introduced by the heavy foot traffic of interested buyers
  3. Save time and energy by using shoe covers, rather than wiping shoes and floors
  4. Keep your feet and footwear clean and neat, ensuring your professional appearance

Realtors in COVID-19 should use shoe covers to protect themselves and others


Realtors and real estate agents are on their feet all day, meeting clients and showing properties. By adopting shoe covers as an essential protocol, real estate companies can provide effective protection to their employees and clients. Independent realtors can adopt this safety precaution easily as well. Multi-purpose, disposable, protective shoe covers are a must in the quickly adapting real estate business. Not only will it protect you and your clients from dangerous pathogens, it will also keep you and your properties pristinely clean!


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