Why every daycare & childcare facility should have shoe covers?

We all know that shoe covers are important for hospitals and clinics and are a must for this industry. However, there are many other professionals that should be utilizing disposable shoe covers.

Every single day, childcare employees bring in germs and other bacteria on their shoes into nurseries, daycares, preschool classrooms, and playrooms in churches and schools are all areas that house, entertain, and educate children. Toddlers and babies crawl on the floor of these facilities and children touch, play with, and chew on toys that they picked up off the ground. Unfortunately, floors are extremely dirty, even if they are regularly cleaned. For these reasons, shoe covers are essential in childcare facilities for the safety of the children who are being cared for especially during COVID-19.

Children are able to limit their exposure to dangerous germs and substances on the floor when workers are wearing shoe covers. Placing a box of show covers at the entrance of the childcare facility makes it very accessible and convenient for employees to apply their shoe covers.

Also - shoe covers are more than ever important for your own home especially if you have little ones. People entering your home may not be comfortable to remove their shoes and socks can be just as full of germs and unhealthy as dirty shoes. Shoe covers will solve this problem also! It only takes a few seconds to wear shoe covers so there is no inconvenience to guests.

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