"These 330-year-old shoe covers are headed to the auction block" - New York Post

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"A walk through history involves stepping over some nasty stuff.

British auctioneers will be selling this set of 330-year-old footwear, designed specifically for nice shoes to survive roads covered in filth.

Children with fancy footwear would slip this exterior sole and heel — lifted by a thick ring — and then balance themselves over the muck and grime of England in the 17th century.

“Back in the 1690s, when you went out on the dirty streets of town, you would have worn them over your more precious velvet-colored shoes, which were slippers, really,” Charles Hanson, manager of Hansons Auctioneers, told the BBC.

“What’s quite funny really is they are almost on a platform. Compared to high heels, these are platforms that really served a purpose.”

These 7 ¹/₂-inch-long protective shoes — made of leather and wood and known as “pattens” — were discovered in the roof of a Nottinghamshire country house just a month ago, according to the Nottingham Post.

They’re expected to go for about $1,300 at the Hansons auction next week.

“I’m a passionate man for history and just to hold a pair of overshoes, or pattens, has been great,” Hanson said."

New York Post

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